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Jeffreys Bay Activities

Jeffreys Bay Activities and Things to do

The are plenty of fun activities and things to do in Jeffreys Bay. From surfing and sandboarding to the shell museum, shopping and  kids’ entertainment.

Shells on Supertubes Beach

The Shell Museum

Famous for its rich variety of shells found along the beaches, Jeffreys Bay remains a favourite haunt for shell collectors and beach combers. Many cold and warm water species reach the extremities of their ranges along our coast where the Aghulhas and Benguela currents intermingle in a unpolluted environment. Shells are found with the incoming tides. The Jeffreys Bay Shell Museum is well worth a visit. This collection was started by Charlotte Kritzinger, a local shell collecting spinster in 1945, who pursued the hobby till her death in 1965. The Shell Museum Complex also houses the Tourism Office as well as Shell Booths where local shell craft can be purchased.

For further information contact the Jeffreys Bay Tourism Office. Trading hours:
Monday – Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00 | Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00 | Public Holidays: 09:00 – 13:00

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Nature_Reserves

Nature Reserves

The Jeffreys Bay area is rich in plant diversity as it contains at least 5 of the floral biomes. People with a real interest in nature will enjoy the recreation offered by the three nature reserves under the management of Cape Nature conservation. These Reserves, although small in size, offer peace and tranquillity to those people who are interested in getting away from the daily hustle and bustle from everyday life. Self guided hiking trails are provided at all reserves.

Seekoei Nature Reserve is situated at Aston Bay and offers a 3km hiking trail. There are close to 120 species of birds on the reserve and if you are lucky you could see bushbuck, duiker and grysbok. The Penguin Rehabilitation Centre is also situated at the reserve.

For organised groups, a lapa is available for a picnic or a braai at Kabeljous Nature Reserve. The reserve is situated to the east of Jeffreys Bay, next to the Kabeljous River. It offers a 4km self guided hiking trail. The reserve offers good waterfowl watching. This is one of the last unspoiled river estuaries in the Eastern Cape, Noorsekloof Nature Reserve. It is a 28ha reserve stretching up the valley of Wavecrest, boasting a 3km trail up the kloof along a stream.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Windsurfing

Wind Surfing

Windsurfing in Jeffreys Bay can be done at the Seekoei River Lagoon in Aston Bay.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Jeffreys Bay can be the experience of a lifetime. The reefs are pristine, with some of the most beautiful, soft coral and small invertebrates in the Eastern Cape. The depth of the reefs varies from 10 to 50 meters, while all levels of diving qualifications are required. Speciality dives such as wreck, deep and night dives are offered. The water temperature varies from 14 – 23C.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Shopping


Jeffreys Bay is the home of thriving handcraft industries catering for every preference. Because of the abundance of shells in the area, you will also find the most beautiful handcrafted shell art.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Mountain_Biking

Mountain Biking

Lynx Tours offers exciting guided mountain bike trips for young and old. There are three options: The Waterfall Trip, cycling through the nature reserve and afterwards visiting the waterfall where you can jump of the suicide rock, slide off the “foefie-slide” or just relax. The Game Trip, cycling through the Game Farm, seeking rhino, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and lots of other animals. The Penguin Tour, cycling to Aston Bay and visit the Penguin Rehabilitation Centre.

Contact: (042) 296 0594 or 072 237 7422.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Kids Putt_Putt

Kids Entertainment

Jeffreys Bay Kids Entertainment for the young ones include: Cinema, putt-putt, supertube waterslide, jumping castle, mini-motorcycles, paintball games, pedaloe and canoes, skateboarding, surfing lessons or just good fun on the lovely beaches.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Calamari


Jeffreys Bay is the hub of the “white gold” or calamari industry of the Eastern Cape. Because of international demand, barely a fifth of our harvest reaches the local restaurants; however, Jeffreys Bay is fortunate in being able to supply visitors with this delicacy.

Aqua Spa - Supertubes Guest House

Aqua Spa & Skin Clinic

Aqua Spa has long been associated with excellence in skin/spa treatments, and with our unparalleled range of products you can enjoy the best treatment in the world. From the most luxurious facials, relaxing massages to aromatherapy, stress relieving and detoxifying treatments. This is the time to relax, restore and rejuvenate.
Tel: 042 294 1179

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Surfing


Jeffreys Bay has many different surf breaks each possessing its own magic:

Kitchen Windows (near Main Beach): This surf break is an excellent place to learn how to ride waves. It is a peak that breaks left and right.

Magna Tubes: This is a fast, powerful and classic wave, as good as anywhere else. It is good for surfing, paddleskiing and kneeboarding.

Supertubes: This is the ultimate test of your surfing ability. It is very fast, powerful, very hollow and very long. It is suited only to people experienced in surfing, kneeboarding and paddle skiing (only to the top few paddleskiers in the country could possibly handle it). Super Tubes – the best!

Tubes: This is a short, perfect, hollow wave. It is suited for all forms of wave riding. Once you master Tubes, you can surf Super Tubes.

Point: The Point is 100% enjoyable with cutback sections and everything else you could possibly want from a wave.

Albatross (near Kabeljous Caravan Park): A wave in the same class as Point and mostly not crowded. It is suited for all forms of wave riding. Surfboards and accessories can be rented from the nearest Surf Shop!

For surf lessons contact: Son Surf School at  076 501 6191.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Sand_Boarding

Sand Boarding

The beaches surrounding Jeffreys Bay are home to the biggest and most spectacular dune fields in South Africa. Sandboarding is very similar to Snowboarding, except you’re in the sun and on the beach! It’s fast, fun and easy to learn. Sandboarding trips are run daily from J’Bay. Give Aloe Afrika Adventure a call on 042 – 293 3941. This will definitely blow your hair back!

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Angling


Jeffreys Bay offers anglers a variety of beautiful venues and types of fishing to suit all tastes. Surf fishing along the beaches from the Gamtoos mouth to the Kabeljous mouth produces Kob, Leerfish, Grunter and White Steenbras as well as big sharks and rays. Rock fishing from Kabeljous to Paradise Beach offers Blackmail.

Musselcracker and Baardman, while in the sandy gullies and in the bays; Kob, Steenbras and Elf can be caught. Boats can be launched either from the Main Beach launching area or from the Port St.Francis harbour for deep sea fishing. There are chartering boats offering day trips (for more information contact;

Jeffreys Bay Tourism or Rian at 082 822 3202
Catches include Kob, Red Steenbras, Poenskop and the smaller Roman, Dageraad and other reef fish.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Horse_Riding

Horse Riding

Become one with nature on horseback. Horse trails along the beach and nature reserve. For more information

Contact Papiesfontein: 082 5749 396.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Hiking


Jeffreys Bay is the doorway to the major hikes and walks in the area. Some of the most popular hikes in and around Jeffreys Bay include: The Seekoei River Hiking Trial, Kabeljous Nature Reserve, Noorsekloof, Cape St. Francis Nature Reserve, Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail, Fourcade Trail (Witelsbos) & Baviaanskloof.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Dolphin Watching

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Jeffreys Bay is part of the MTN Whale Route in the Eastern Cape. The site is situated in Plane Street with a beautiful view of the ocean. The information board provides visitors with essential information on the whales occurring along the coast. The Southern Right whale is the most common visitor to our shores and can be sighted in the bay between July and October. Dolphins are daily visitors to the shores of Jeffreys Bay.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Canoeing

Kayaking & Canoeing

Learn about estuarine ecology and the surrounding nature reserve, see Fish Eagles, various game and jumping fish or experience the ocean while kayaking through the waves.

Supertubes Jeffreys Bay Bird_Watching

Bird Watching

There are four major bird watching spots in and around Jeffreys Bay: Kabeljous Nature Reserve offers good waterfowl watching, herons, darters and a variety of waders can be viewed. The Seekoei Nature Reserve has a bird hide next to the lagoon and this makes for excellent bird watching.The Noorsekloof – up to 50 species can be sighted in this Kloof area, situated in the residential area. Paradise Beach – there is still a lot of indigenous vegetation left, which serves as an excellent habitat for birds.

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